About Us

Why Indexnine?

We are a fast-paced specialist technology services firm with a growing reputation for designing, building, and testing software products for some of the most successful born-digital businesses in the US and India.

Accelerate your personal growth with us by working on some of the most interesting problems in the world of digital products, mastering the latest technology tools, and getting coached by some of the best engineering minds in the world.


To catalyze success for the next generation of market leaders through dedicated, reliable, and innovative product development services.


To build the fastest-growing product development business that is a trusted partner for mid-market product-led firms in the US, UK, and India.

What we do

Product Discovery
We leverage modern product discovery practices to extract true user needs, prioritize opportunities, and rapidly experiment with solutions directly linked to business OKRs.
Product Design
We bring a pragmatic design approach that balances UX and design with technical feasibility and budgets.
Product Engineering
We apply modern architecture principles, strong engineering talent, the latest automation tools, and generative AI to accelerate delivery and build-out of product roadmaps.
Product Modernization
We eliminate technical and UX debt and also help reduce operational costs while the product continues to evolve along its roadmap.
Product Quality
We automate product testing and improve product reliability, leading to increased confidence in releases while allowing for anytime product deployment.
AI for Products
We leverage open and closed-source large language models to enable enterprises to safely and reliably use their data to drive the competitive advantage of their digital products.

We are driven by 4 core values

Product Quality

We commit to the highest standards of engineering excellence. Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology, meticulous quality control, and a relentless focus on pragmatic user-centered design to create exceptional products that stand out in the marketplace.


We prioritize speed without sacrificing quality. Our agile methodologies and safe adoption of AI and rules-based automation tools enable us to deliver product outcomes swiftly, ensuring our clients can capitalize on market opportunities and gain a competitive edge.


We believe that openness, clear communication balanced with care builds trust. We ensure our clients and employees are fully informed and engaged at every stage of product development.

Founder's Mindset

We approach each engagement with entrepreneurial zeal, resourcefulness, a focus on impact, and a complete sense of ownership.


"We Value the stories shared by our clients"


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