AI For Products

Navigate the confusing world of AI with confidence. We have spent significant time and effort understanding the complete AI ecosystem as it exists today, right from Prompt engineering, RAG, utilizing AI models in application use-cases as well as fine tuning our own models leveraging open-source models.

We have built AI accelerators that can help you use a Low code/No code approach to rapidly vectorize your structured and unstructured data and query them leveraging private and public LLM APIs.

Build and leverage proprietary computer vision models and integrate them into operational processes to reduce errors and cost.

Curate and manage your data pipeline, fine-tune an open-source or proprietary LLM, build guard-rails and incorporate human feedback into the fine-tuning process.

Our Offerings

Audit for AI
Review current workflows and processes to identify areas in which AI can benefit your organization.

We run workshops with business stakeholders to identify POCs in different areas that can impact productivity positively.
Build Assistant bots
Build custom assistants trained for specific jobs to help improve productivity.

Assistants can be trained on data in a secure way such that no data leaves the organizational infrastructure.
Fine-Tune models
Fine-tune models for your specific domain, use case, and requirements to unlock their true potential.

Create custom, domain-specific AI models by fine-tuning open models like Llama 2 to achieve tailored, higher-accuracy models.
Computer Vision
Leverage deep learning to build AI solutions - object detection, facial recognition, image classification, defect inspection, video analytics and more. We help integrate AI vision capabilities into your apps, automating manual processes and enabling data-driven decisions from visual inputs. Our team of experts combines state-of-the-art techniques with domain knowledge to deliver accurate, robust, and scalable computer vision solutions.
Leverage open-source models
Get a head start on your AI journey by utilizing our services to adopt, integrate and scale powerful open-source AI models like DALL-E for image generation, Stable Diffusion for text-to-image, GPT-3 for text generation/understanding and more. We help identify the right open model for your use case, set up the robust infrastructure to serve model inferences, and create intuitive interfaces/data pipelines to utilize the model outputs efficiently.
AI assisted engineering
Enhance developer productivity and ship better software, faster with our AI Assisted Engineering services. We leverage AI models for code generation, intelligent code reviews, automated testing, documentation generation and more. This AI-augmented development approach enables your teams to focus on higher-value tasks while increasing development velocity and code quality, resulting in accelerated time-to-market and reduced technical debt.

Our Client Work

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What we can help with

RAG use cases

Rapidly transform structured and unstructured data using an intuitive low-code/no-code platform. Access private and public LLM APIs to query and analyze your data effortlessly. Quickly build APIs over custom data leveraging the generative power of LLMs. 

Multi-model use cases

Leverage existing open-source models across audio, video and text. Combine these with capabilities of LLMs to enable complex use-cases.  Wrap the knowledge with APIs to quickly provide value-add across the enterprise for various subsystems.

Fine-tune LLM models

Build custom LLM models over open-source base models. Fine-tune models with proprietary data and host these in a captive deployment for use by employees. Capture the knowledge of your enterprise and unique workflows in a knowledge-base to enable rapid decision making providing you an edge against competitors.  

Proprietary Computer Vision models

Build customized powerful ML models tailored to your operations. Seamlessly integrate it into your processes to enhance a variety of operational activities from quality to safety. 

Streamline Data Pipeline Management & Model Training

Curate and manage your data pipeline for optimal efficiency. Utilize pre-trained LLMs and establish guardrails to enhance model accuracy. Incorporate human feedback into the training process for continuous improvement. Build custom models with human feedback to create a competitive edge by creating a powerful assistant that knows your processes well.

AI assisted engineering

Create custom models that know your code-base or utilize and implement AI products that improve developer productivity.