Partner For Success – AI Vision

Case Overview

Partner to build an AI Vision based solution that allows manufacturing companies, warehouses and data centers optimize their processes and accelerate digital transformation.          


Sensable is a Vision AI platform that helps warehouses and datacenters analyze video footage to detect inefficiencies and suggest process improvements that greatly affect productivity of staff.


Sensable was looking to partner with companies that brought in expertise on UX design, UI development and QA to augment its core engineering team based in the US The main driver for Sensable to look for partners was the nature of the core capability of the team. The Sensable team had experts in AI technologies to build its core IP, however, it looked to partners to augment its capabilities in UX Design and UI development.


Sensable and Indexnine partnered to build a team that is productive 24x7. While the Sensable team brings in expertise in vision AI and analysis, Indexnine brings in expertise in user experience and cloud product engineering.

The teams work together closely and are engaged in daily standups that provide clear hand-offs, allowing the team to be productive 24x7.

The clear seperation of responsiibilities have worked in favour of delivering features to market faster. This is because, the features are worked on in parallel across the teams. Clear interface definitions for UI development helps split the responsibility and allows the teams to be extremely productive in their respective timezones.


Cross functional and cross-geography team.
24x7 productivity with close collaboration.
20+ POCs, 50+ customer demos supported by the combined team.


Sensable is a vision AI-based solution that provides always-on visibility into daily workforce interactions with machines and materials across all the shifts, in both standard and non-standard (unstructured) environments.

With Sensable, customers have a system that generates real-time business metrics from live video streams consistently without the headache, challenge, and overhead of collecting, managing and analyzing activities manually.

Sensable is the most trusted tool for industrial engineering teams, plant managers or AI developers.



Partner to augment capabilities in UX design and UI Development


Indexnine and Sensable built a unified team across capabilities.
Daily coordination across the teams allowed support for customer demos to drive business.
Sensable's unique delivery model ensures teams are productive 24x7.