AI-Based Knowledge Assessment

Case Overview



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Online learning platforms need a better way to assess students' understanding of topics. Traditional methods like multiple-choice quizzes or written assignments don't fully capture a student's depth of knowledge or communication skills. Manual grading is also time-consuming and can be subjective, making it hard to scale as more students enroll.


We developed, an AI-based assessment system that works with any learning management system (LMS). Here's how it works:

Video Responses: Students record and submit videos of themselves answering questions on each topic. This allows for a more comprehensive evaluation of their understanding and communication abilities. Multi-Modal Analysis: The system uses three AI models to analyze the submitted videos.

Video Model: Detects facial expressions like confidence, relaxation, etc. to gauge the student's confidence.

Audio Model: Identifies emotions like fear, nervousness, neutrality, etc. in the student's speech to assess their emotional state.

Text Model: Analyzes the transcript to evaluate how accurately and completely the student answered the question.

Reporting: After the student submits responses for all topics, the system generates reports for each one. Instructors can review the videos and reports to thoroughly evaluate each student's performance.


Comprehensive Evaluation: Assessing video, audio, and text gives a deeper understanding of students' knowledge and communication skills.

Scalability: Automated analysis and reporting allow efficient assessment of many students without manual grading.

Objectivity: AI models minimize human bias, ensuring fair and consistent evaluation.

Data-driven Insights: Detailed reports help identify areas for improvement and track student progress.

Overall, reduces time needed for assignment grading from a few hours to a matter of minutes. It also opens the possibility of scaling the assignment grading process in a consistent manner for SaaS products or LMS systems. Screens



Online learning platforms need improved assessment methods to accurately measure students' understanding. Traditional approaches like multiple-choice quizzes and written assignments lack depth and scalability, hindered by time-consuming manual grading.

IMPACT reduces the time taken for assessments from hours to a matter of minutes.

Not only is it better for end user experience, the quality of grading is consistent and uniform across all course content.