Product Modernization

Based on an examination of over 200 projects within a 12-month span, Sonar source calculates that the attributed technical debt cost is USD 306,000 per year for a project of one million Lines of Code (LoC). This study only talks about the cost of remediation. However, the threat runs deeper in lost opportunity costs and exposure to competition.

Remediation is tough, expensive, and fraught with landmines that further slow down progress. Leverage our experience in identifying and fixing debt in two categories: technical and UX debt. Together, these two types of debt accumulate over time to eliminate the competitive edge of promising product companies. Identifying these and creating a roadmap to fix and stay on top of them is an essential need for most product-led companies.

SaaSify your product, eliminate technical and UX debt, build true multi-tenancy;move to hybrid solutions or re-architect to reduce cloud costs; all of this while your product continues to evolve along its functional roadmap.

Our Offerings

SaaSify Your Product
Improve accessibility, flexibility, & scalability. Streamline updates and maintenance. Open new avenues for subscription-based revenue models. Get easier integration with other cloud services, enabling seamless interoperability and faster time-to-market for new features and updates.
Eliminate Technical Debt
While your team focuses on business priorities, we take care of code liabilities. Address architectural flaws, optimize queries & performance, update outdated libraries/frameworks, improve test coverage, & establish guidelines for future development.
Build True Multi-Tenancy
Efficiently serve multiple clients or customers without the need for separate installations or instances for each tenant, keeping their data & configurations separate & secure. Centralized management & maintenance, reduce overhead costs and complexity.
Move To a Hybrid model
Potentially lower operational costs over time compared to ongoing cloud subscription fees. Customize & improve data governance & privacy, reduce latency for sensitive applications. Allow organizations to scale resources according to their needs without relying on third-party providers.
Reduce Cloud Cost
Optimize resource usage, right-size instances, implement automation for scaling and provisioning, leverage reserved instances, monitor & optimize storage. Considering hybrid or multi-cloud strategies and utilizing cost management tools, we can optimize cloud spend.
Migrate databases
Leverage advanced features, improve performance, enhance security, reduce costs, comply with regulations, accommodate growth, integrate with new systems, or transition to a cloud-based infrastructure for scalability and flexibility.
Modernize with Confidence
Upgrade components and processes while always being sure that new components and processes do not disrupt existing customers and revenue-generating workflows. Leverage our expertise in QE and automated verification to enable your modernization journey with confidence.

Our Client Work

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What we can help with

Boosting Visibility & Confidence in QA Automation

Outcome-based QA teams that build automation suites to improve visibility, confidence and coach modern QA practices in the organization.

Enhancing Outcomes with Security & Tech Debt Tools

Leverage tools for security, technical debt identification and create a roadmap to improve outcomes.

Technical Debt Reduction

Chip away at technical debt by having lateral teams add unit testing, refactoring to improve modularity, reliability, performance.

Architectural Review and Cloud Cost Optimization

Review architectural choices, optimize for performance and/or cloud costs.

Business-centric Operations Workflow Enhancement

Review and brainstorm operations workflows , introduce tools, and dashboards to simplify and improve operations using a business centric approach.

Improving Engagement with User Behavior Analytics

Deploy analytics tools to track and analyze user behavior, introduce UX and other fixes to improve engagement and solve customer pain points.

Addressing Pain Points: UX Audit & Redesign

Perform UX audits to understand end user pain points. Redesign or refactor UI to  solve hidden workflow issues.

Tech Integration for Augmenting User Experience

Identify and incorporate contemporary technologies to augment existing user experience.