Product Engineering

Building digital products is in our DNA. Our mission is to help customers build enduring products. We apply Architecture, talent, Automation, and AI to accelerate product roadmaps.

Our India-based team of talented engineers and architects allows clients to make their roadmap dollars go further.

We leverage smart technical design and the latest tools to reduce the effort of repetitive development activities.

Combined with our Product Discovery and Product Design services, our accelerated product engineering services help customers visualize, prioritize, and plan work in a transparent, collaborative, and effective way.

Our Offerings

Distributed Agile Delivery
Optimize team collaboration, communication, and adaptability across locations, ensuring rapid, efficient software development leveraging a round-the-clock delivery cycle.
Hybrid Cloud Engineering
Enhance scalability, flexibility, and performance of applications, leveraging a combination of cloud or on-premises infrastructure to drive innovation, agility, and cost-efficiency in software development.
Platforms & Products
Build innovative solutions tailored to client needs, driving growth, market competitiveness, and user satisfaction through efficient development processes.
Fully automate your DevOps pipeline with an emphasis on rapid, reliable, and continuous deployment through practices like version control, automated testing, and infrastructure as code.
Agile Ways of Working
Enable rapid adaptation, collaboration, and iterative development, fostering innovation, efficiency, and resilience in dynamic business environments.
APIs and Integrations
Enable access to application functionalities, while integrations connect systems, automating processes, streamlining workflows, and facilitating real-time data exchange for enhanced productivity.
Bring connectivity and data exchange between devices, enabling smart automation, real-time insights, and innovative solutions across industries for improved efficiency and experiences.
Web Application
Streamline web application rollouts through an automated framework geared towards swift, dependable, and perpetual deployments, leveraging methodologies such as version management, automated validations, and infrastructure-defined-as-code.
Mobile Application
Enable seamless mobile app releases through an automated workflow designed for rapid, trustworthy, and continuous deployments, utilizing techniques like source control, automated testing, and codified infrastructure.

Our Client Work

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What we can help with

Initiative Dashboard and Roadmap

Establish a comprehensive initiative dashboard and roadmap to efficiently track your product initiatives, ensuring clear visibility and alignment across teams.

Optimize with Engineering Pods

Enhance your product roadmap by leveraging purpose-built engineering pods, offering cost-effective solutions and high talent density, coupled with modern development tool expertise for optimal performance.

Adopt an agile product roadmap

Build a distributed agile workforce that drives velocity of features and acheives outcomes utilizing modern agile processes for clear visibility and planning.  Leverage our Product Design, Product Discovery and Product quality capabilities to deliver a end-end product development experience. 

Test Suite Automation

Boost release velocity and confidence by automating test suites to reduce regression testing time, ensuring thorough and efficient validation of product updates.

Platform Team Empowerment

Amplify the productivity of your platform team by minimizing engineering efforts required to progress down the roadmap, facilitating faster achievement of milestones and objectives.