Modern Product Discovery

We believe that the primary objective of Product Discovery is to “Learn Fast”. We anchor our product discovery offerings around the Opportunity Solution Tree (OST) framework.

We leverage customized versions of modern and legacy discovery techniques to offer both one-time and continuous product discovery services.

On the Research side, our services enable customers to conduct both generative and evaluative end-user research, as well as comprehensive market and competitive product analysis.

On the Opportunity side, we use techniques like Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) to explore and prioritize opportunities.

On the Solution side, we employ techniques such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints, and Lean Startup to surface and test assumptions about desirability, usability, feasibility, and viability.

Our customers often combine these discovery services with our design and architecture services to create an executable, outcome-based product roadmap that maximizes the chances of product success.

Our Offerings

Research & Analysis

Our comprehensive Research & Analysis services will help you expertly map customer behaviors, conduct both generative and evaluative user interviews, refine user personas, dissect market segments, scrutinize competitive landscapes, and hone market positioning to craft data-driven product strategies with precision, insight, and foresight.
Ideation & Conceptualization
Starting from your product KPIs and leveraging research data, we will help you visualize and prioritize the Opportunity or Problem Space. Followed by physical or virtual ideation workshops leveraging experienced Design Thinking experts, we will then build wireframes and conduct feasibility assessments so that you can start building right away.

Continuous Product Discovery

Explore ongoing product improvements with our Continuous Product Discovery service. We utilize up-to-date methodologies, such as OKRs and KPIs, to ensure development remains aligned with genuine user needs. This proactive approach facilitates agile adaptation to market dynamics, enabling your product to swiftly realize its full potential.

Architecture Consulting

Optimize your product's foundation with our Architecture Consulting service, aligning modern product discovery with technical excellence. We assess, plan, and prototype robust architectures, ensuring scalability, performance, and security from the outset, using frameworks like Domain-Driven Design & cloud-native principles to support dynamic market adaptation.

Our Client Work

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What we can help with

Research Insights

Conduct generative interviews to understand user behavior, gather, data, trends, and insights to understand customer and market dynamics. 

Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) and Opportunity Prioritization

The ultimate goal customers want to achieve, rather than just the features they ask for. With JTBT framework, we uncover unmet needs and opportunities and prioritize them. 

Product Vision Crafting

Define the overarching direction and objectives for the product, utilizing techniques like solution trees to guide experimentation and solution development.

User Concept Exploration

Conduct user-centric experiments to validate concepts and gather feedback, informing the development process.

Conceptual Product Ideation

Generate innovative product concepts based on insights gathered from user research, addressing identified needs and pain points. Create initial prototypes showcasing core features and functionalities, facilitating early testing and validation.

Concept Testing & Validation

Engage potential users to evaluate the proposed concepts and ensure alignment with user expectations and preferences.

Phased Roadmap Creation

Develop a strategic roadmap aligning product development milestones with business priorities and objectives. Break down the product development roadmap into manageable phases, considering market opportunities and cost-effectiveness.

High Fidelity Design

Progressively develop detailed designs for the chosen concept, aligning with the phased roadmap for efficient implementation.

GTM Strategy Alignment

Collaborate with customer-facing teams to integrate product development efforts with go-to-market strategies, ensuring successful product launches.

Long-Term Product Management

Establish a structured process for ongoing product enhancement and version releases, aimed at meeting and exceeding end-user expectations over time.

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