Confluent Partnership

We are excited to announce our partnership with Confluent.

Confluent is the leading plaform for real time streaming workloads. Utilize Confluent’s proven architecture to build a data strategy for your organization.  

Together with Confluent, we open up abilities for sourcing and analyzing streaming data, supply AI/ML models with continuous data flow and generate real-time insights for your business. 

Through this partnership, Indexnine and Confluent enable organizations to enhance operations, drive new ideas, and get ahead of competitors by fully utilizing their real-time data assets.

Leverage the Power of Data In Motion

Confluent Cloud

With the cloud-native platform, managing data in motion is easy. No complex infrastructure to worry about - just connect and process your data wherever you need it. Confluent Cloud allows you to focus on what really matters. Grow your business through seamless real-time data integration. Available on most public clouds.

Confluent Platform

Confluent Platform is an enterprise-ready platform that complements Kafka with advanced capabilities designed to help accelerate application development and connectivity, enable event transformations through stream processing, simplify enterprise operations at scale and meet stringent architectural requirements.
Use Cases

AI/ML Model Training and Inference

Build a scalable, real-time data pipeline for training and operationalizing AI/ML models using Confluent.

Real-Time Data Integration

Confluent enables seamless integration of data from various sources as continuous streams.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

Detect patterns, score risk, and trigger alerts/actions in real-time using stream processing.

Streaming Data Pipelines

Ensure data integrity and availability with Confluent's distributed, fault-tolerant architecture.

Internet of Things (IoT)Data Processing

Capture, buffer and process massive volumes of IoT sensor data streams in real-time.

Click-Stream Data Analytics

Analyze user interactions and behavior across websites/apps by processing click-stream data.

Operational Monitoring and Alerting

Monitor system metrics, logs, and enable real-time alerting, auto-remediation by integrating event streams into operations pipelines.

Leverage the Power of Data In Motion