QA Services

Our collaborative approach, domain expertise, and commitment to innovation guarantee the highest standards of quality, security, accessibility, and performance.

At Indexnine, we offer comprehensive QA solutions, including manual and automated testing across platforms. Our expertise extends to performance and security testing, ensuring optimal product quality. Partner with us for robust and exceptional QA services.

Comprehensive testing approach

Ensure the highest quality and seamless user experience with our holistic testing covering functionality, performance, security, usability, accessibility, and design.

Proactive collaboration

Experience efficient communication and early issue resolution through our collaborative approach, starting from project initiation for faster time to market.

Cutting-Edge tools and techniques

We use advanced testing tools and techniques, including automation frameworks and performance testing, to optimize efficiency and accuracy in delivering high-quality results.

What we do

Comprehensive Software Testing
We offer end-to-end software testing services to ensure your applications are thoroughly tested for functionality, performance, security & usability.
Design QA
Our expert QA team focuses on design quality assurance, ensuring that your application's user interface & user experience meet the highest standards for usability & aesthetics.
Test Automation
We leverage industry-leading automation tools & frameworks to streamline the testing process, increasing efficiency, repeatability, and accuracy while reducing time & effort.
Performance Testing
We conduct rigorous performance testing to assess the scalability, stability & responsiveness of your applications under varying workloads, ensuring optimal performance & user experience.
Security Testing
Our dedicated security testing services identify vulnerabilities and potential threats in your software, enabling you to proactively address security risks and safeguard sensitive data.
Accessibility Testing
We ensure that your applications are accessible to users with disabilities, conducting thorough testing to comply with accessibility standards and guidelines.

Expertise In Different Management Tools

Expertise in Multiple Technology Stacks and Tools

How we do it?

Requirement analysis

Define the testing focus and priorities, identify feasibility for test automation.

Define test plan

Define the efforts, Test schedules, Test environments, Deliverables & Risk mitigation for the project

Develop test cases

Define and prepare test suites, automation scripts, generate test data as required.

Test execution

Execute test cases execution manually & using automation tools, Cover functional and non-functional testing, Bug reporting, Track the bug to its closure. Interface with the development team to reproduce bugs and provide accurate insight into any reported bug

Test closure

Evaluate cycle completion criteria based on test coverage, quality, cost, time, critical business objectives, and prepare test metrics. Influence adoption of best practices learnt from past projects.

Non-functional testing

Performance(Load, Stress, Spike and Continuity) testing , Security testing, Device compatibility using device farms

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