October 3, 2023

The Mobile App Ecosystem: Unlocking Success Through Essential Services (Part 4)

This blog comprises of 6 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Track User Behaviour
  3. Marketing Campaign Analysis
  4. Push Notifications Services (This Blog)
  5. Deep Linking
  6. Crash Detection
  7. Authentication

We hope you find this blog useful. In this blog series, we will explore what it takes for a mobile app to be successful. This blog explains the elements that need to be incorporated to ensure the success and prosperity of such a product.

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Part 4: Push Notifications Services

Engaging users and keeping them informed is key to app success. Push notification services allow app owners to send timely and personalised notifications to user’s devices, keeping them updated on new features, promotions, or important information. With robust notification services, app developers can boost user engagement, encourage app usage, and enhance overall user satisfaction.

Use Case: Enhancing E-commerce Experience

For the e-commerce app, we can leverage the power of personalised notifications to deliver targeted and timely updates to users.

These notifications include information about the latest products tailored to users’ preferences, restocked items from their wishlist, exclusive offers and discounts that match their interests, real-time order updates to keep them informed about their purchases, and reminders for abandoned carts to encourage them to complete their transactions.

By utilising personalised notifications, the e-commerce app aims to enhance user engagement, drive sales, and provide a seamless and customised shopping experience that keeps users informed, engaged, and satisfied throughout their journey on the platform.

Push Notification Services Tools Available :

  1. OneSignal
  2. MoEngage
  3. Firebase
  4. AWS SNS
  5. CleverTap

Key Differentiators :

  1. Pricing structure (based on which factor prices are calculated)
  2. Delivery Channels
  3. Ease of integration
  4. Personalisation Capabilities
  5. Automation and Triggering
  6. Analytics and Insights
  7. Integration and SDK Platform Support
  8. Scalability and performance
  9. Advanced Services
  10. Customer Support (good, medium, not good, worst)
  11. Community support/adoption




Integration Level


Key Features



Push Notification, 

In-App Notification, Email Notification


Android, iOS, and Web

Seamless integration for in-app notifications.

Easy UI for creating campaigns and user flows

Well-structured documentation for developers

Free plans with generous limits and affordable paid plans


Service based payment

Push Notification,

App Notification, Email Notification, User Data Based Segmentation.


Android, iOS, and Web

User-based segmentation is very good.

Personalisation for notifications and email

Customer support is good and quick

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM)

Service based payment

Push Notification,

In-App Notification, Email Notification


Android, iOS, and Web

Integration and tightly coupled with the Google ecosystem.


Easy integration for developers of all skill levels

FCM is a free service offered by Google.



Push Notification,

In-App Notification, Email Notification, User Data Based Segmentation,

User event analytics,

Marketing Campaigns


Android, iOS, and Web

They have very strong developer support documentation.


Recommendation: MoEngage Or CleverTap

MoEngage and CleverTap are both top choices for push notification services in mobile apps. MoEngage stands out with its advanced targeting, personalisation, and real-time analytics, making it ideal for tailored and engaging notifications. CleverTap excels in user engagement through dynamic segmentation, A/B testing, and deep analytics, making it a strong choice for effective push campaigns. Both services offer scalability and support for multichannel messaging, catering to apps of all sizes and ensuring enhanced user engagement and app growth.