October 3, 2023

The Mobile App Ecosystem: Unlocking Success Through Essential Services (Part 5)

This blog comprises of 6 parts:

  1. Introduction
  2. Track User Behaviour 
  3. Marketing Campaign Analysis
  4. Push Notifications Services
  5. Deep Linking (This Blog)
  6. Crash Detection
  7. Authentication

We hope you find this blog useful. In this blog series, we will explore what it takes for a mobile app to be successful. This blog explains the elements that need to be incorporated to ensure the success and prosperity of such a product.

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Part 5: Deep linking

Deep linking enables seamless navigation within the app by directing users to specific screen content or features. It allows users to open the app directly to a specific page or perform a particular action. Deep linking enhances the user experience, simplifies user journeys, and improves app usability, resulting in increased user satisfaction and higher retention rates.

Use Case – Deep Linking in E-Commerce App

In the realm of mobile e-commerce, deep linking plays a pivotal role in enhancing user experiences and driving conversion rates. Consider a scenario where a user has the e-commerce app installed on their smartphone, and they receive an email notification showcasing a limited-time offer for a specific product category, such as “Electronics Deals.”

Deep Linking Services Available :

  1. AppsFlyer
  2. Branch.io
  3. Firebase Dynamic Links
  4. Android App Links (Android)
  5. Apple Universal Links (iOS)

Key Differentiators :

  1. Pricing 
  2. Link customization
  3. Ease of integration
  4. Universal Links (iOS) and App Links (Android)
  5. Fallback mechanism
  6. Security of the link

Tools Available



Firebase Deep Links


Free and Paid options

Zero, Growth, and Enterprise plan options are available.

Offered both free and paid plan options

Free and paid options

Link Customizations

Possible as per use cases

Possible as per use cases

Possible as per use cases

Ease of integration

Easy for integration

Easy for integration

Easy for integration

Fallback mechanism

Redirects users to alternative destinations

Displays an error message or redirects the user to a default landing page

Redirects users to alternative destinations

Security of the link

Security of the Deep Links depends on the following factors :

1. Always use HTTPS in the links.

2. Validate the links we will be sending.

3. Add a use case-specific link expiry.

4. Limit sensitive data to deep links.


Recommendation: Firebase Deep Links

Firebase Deep Links is recommended for its ease of implementation, cross-platform support (both Android and iOS), and additional features like link shortening and analytics.
However, it’s important to note that the mobile app development landscape is constantly evolving. As of now, Firebase Dynamic Links have several advantages, but native app link technologies might also be enhanced or improved in the future. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest development tools and features to make the best decision for your specific project. Always consider your app’s requirements, platform support, and ease of integration before choosing a deep linking solution.